Port of Ajaccio

Ferry Routes and Cruises
(Ajaccio, Corsica, France)

Several ferry routes are available at Ajaccio, services by various companies including Corsica Ferries, SNCM and CMN.

The main crossings are to Marseille, Nice, Toulon and Porto Torres.

Ajaccio to Marseille, France Ferry Services

The route to Marseille is busy year-round. During the summer, ferries depart as many as three times daily; during the winter, approximately once per day. The journey is completed in 12 hours, 30 minutes. The port of Marseille splits the bulk of its traffic between the Isle of Corsica/Sardinia and several North African destinations. The international port in Marseille is well equipped to handle a diverse crowd of passengers, with a multi-faith worship centre as well as children's play area, shops and bilingual signage.

Ajaccio to Nice, France Ferry Services

Ferries depart for Nice several times a week, and the journey takes around 4 hours, 30 minutes to complete. The port of Nice is a two-terminal facility and facilities include a tourist desk, baby-changing areas, vending machines and a games room.

Ajaccio to Toulon, France Ferry Services

The port of Toulon can be reached in 5 hours, 45 minutes and ships depart several times a week. During the summer months, departures are approximately daily, with one the exception of one day a week when no crossings are provided. The port of Toulon is equipped with an information desk staffed with multi-lingual personnel, a Provencal mini-market, a snack bar and internet facilities.

Ajaccio to Porto Torres, Sardinia Ferry Services

Services to Porto Torres do not depart with regular frequency, although during peak seasons, ships may depart once or twice per week. The journey is completed in 3 hours, 30 minutes. The port is situated on the northwest coast of Sardinia and departing ships sail to Corsica as well as to Marseille.

Ajaccio Port

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